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My Philosophy

The philosophy is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. It places emphasis on the relationship between the body's structure, framework and function, teaching the appreciation of the body's ability to heal itself.

We focus on taking care of your needs, helping you to de-stress, unwind and find your inner peace and balance.

My Vision

To help people enjoy and maintain a more sustainable, higher quality of life, through natural therapies:

Why Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage, also known as *Tui Na*, has been used for medical purpose in China for centuries. Like acupuncture, Chinese Massage is based on the theory of *meridians* or channels and collaterals. According to this theory the body is networked by a system of pathways which function to transport *qi*(energy) and blood, to regulate *yin* and *yang*, to protect against external pathogens and to link the internal organs with the exterior. Blockage of the meridians causes pain and is intimately connected with all health problems.Chinese Massage is primarily focused on the meridians and on acupoints where qi gathers and can be easily manipulated. By using "Tui Na" and "Acupressure" techniques, to activate and regulate qi and blood flow. The aim is to achieve balance to protect the person against different types of infection and maintain the optimum function of all organs.

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